First Alien Race

My first attempt in creating a new alien race. With the help of basic modelling and sculpting I created the creature’s head. I wonder how I would call my race, any suggestions? Comments are also welcome. Next stop: creating the creature’s body parts.

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what about chryssanidians . . Chrydditts . .?

it looks like a grass-hopper, preying mantis or, bee - - it’s really cool, Good luck - –

My creature has a body now, building further on the suggested insectoides.

Next up… add some coloring and texture

It looks good, you should find a model from a simple game, and try to make that kind of texture - - trying to go Photoreal immediately is a mistake, as a beginner - -

Then, when you can do that, you can later go into making more hi-res textures, it really helps to limit your standards, because then it’s more manageable and, you’ll finish it - - I often find it’s good to set a simple goal, and when that has been met, one can get to the next level - -


If you can get to the standard in those images, in your first attempt, you’ll have done really well - - later, when you have more characters, you can go into photoshop, and really refine the first versions, Very easily - - this way, you can finish it in a few hours, and get an experience of finishing a character - - it’s easy to take the texture, double it in size in both directions, and then fine-tuning the details, it’s just good advice, from someone who sets too high standards and, never finished anything, my-self - -$

it’s better to finish a simple a character, than to never finish a more complex character, because it’s too much, and when your skills improve, with experience making perhaps a few other simple characters, you’ll have the confidence to go further, adding more sharp, smooth details - - if you want to make photoreal characters from the start, you might find it becomes so over-whelming, you give up - - Don’t Make that mistake, Keep it ’ Easy ‘, ’ simple’ - - try to get an idea of what you can do, and don’t try to do more, what-ever that is, recognizing ones limitations is a really powerful trick, in finishing things, and then completing things under those limits, It really helps - -

and, always begin with changing the big things, get the skin to have the right base-color, then the clothes, and so on - - start by getting the big things in, that way if you get stuck, you still have some-thing to show, for it, even if it means it has a ’ grey ’ cloak, a blue ’ shirt ', and green skin, it’s easy to get stuck on some amazing detail, one doesn’t know how to do, That’s all - -

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Added some basic coloring and wings… maybe I should try to make it move.

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You have your first Hit - game, I’d buy that, Looks interesting, Good job - -


Tried some posing here with armature and bones. Not the most easy thing. I gave my alien some easy weaponry in the meantime and some different background. Now trying to figure in what kind of landscape they live…