First and last frame has no motion blur

My scene has simple animation with moving an object along Y location and a static camera, object has 2 linear interpolated keyframes on first and last frame, there is no motion blur occur on first and last keyframe when I rendered animation, normally I can understand this situation, these frames has to be no motion blur because of these frames has no movement but I dont remove these 2 frames or change anything on scene, because of I am trying to do loop animation cycle, how can I apply motion blur first and last frames without touching keyframes, animation length or anything that won’t affect the loop cycle?

In the Graph Editor select the channel and select Menu>Channel>Extrapolation Mode>Linear Extrapolation.
This tells Blender that motion exists before and after keyframed animation in that channel, showing motion blur in your first and last rendered frames.
Do the same for all your animated channels affected by the loop.

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thank you for the info.

You´re welcome.
Hope it helps.

yes, that is exactly what I want…