First anim

Painfully bad…but I thought I’d post in anyways since it took me forever to figure out. I know its horrible so you dont really have to critique it.

Sorry but what do you want then?
If you don’t want comments on how to improve next time, and you’re not showing it because it is so pretty, what do you want?
I wouldn’t mind giving some solutions for next time, but it’s your call.

For you to laugh at of course :stuck_out_tongue: Go ahead actually…what can I do better.

I suggest having a look at these tutorials:

Both tutorials are still WIP by the way, but they’re already very useful and updated for the new animation system.

Actually I used that first one to teach me about armatures since I had no clue what to do with them. I didnt read the whole thing but started towards the end. I didn’t model the gingerbread man and just threw that guy in my animation together to test out what I was learning in the tutorial. Thanks alot, I think I will just start from square one and follow the directions more closely.