first animation coming soon.

Here’s a frame from an animation I’m going to do. it’s a simple title animation. My plan is for the words to slide in from the sides in alternating directions and stay there for a few seconds. There is a huge cylinder with an image of the sun wrapped onto it that will rotate to give the refection some animation. The words will after staying for a few seconds suddenly zip off in the same directions they came in and a huge title will drop in from above, possibly hitting the ground hard, maybe producing a camera shake effect if i can figure that one out and maybe kicking up a few particles from the ground plain like broken bits of the floor.

First evern aimmation in blender, any tips are welcome. do you think 350 samples is enough? 500 takes a longer time and i’m on a fairly well designed and built (if i do say so myself) budget desktop. (AMD fx6300 3.5 ghz cpu, 16gb ram and an nidivia 960 4gb gpu)