First Architecture Scene

I made this for a college work in 2011, This is the first architecture scene i try do in Blender and i have only 2 days to finish, so was kinda ugly, because i don’t use much anothers external renders like yafaray or luxrender, so, i decide to stick with BI. Making a pure interior scene without the sun, is kinda hard to do i think, i used many many lights for bounce the color of each object.

And, i took another 3D image as reference btw.


That looks really good for your first architectural visualization :slight_smile:
Reminds me of an Ikea catalog picture…

OMG your profile picture is the Watchmen logo! EPIC!

Oh, thank you very much, i’m glad you like this image.
Yep, i love Watchmen, best Comic of all time.

haha Sci-Fi Version:

I don’t get this new trend, Cycles is finally getting to a point where it can be used in production and so everybody starts using BI for architectural renders xD

It looks really good though, all the glass and reflective materials in the scene must have taken ages to render.

At the time I did it, I did not have much knowledge about cycles, and cycles only work out in cpu mode on my machine, it was pretty slow.
I had some problems with this render using BI too, such as artifacts etc…But was minimal thing.
Actually this scene did not take long to render, the resolution was much higher than this and took about 25 minutes with a Core I7 2600.