First arcitectural project - Air Villa

I recently went on holiday to place called Aero Delahaye, and the ‘air villa’ across from me i thought would be really fun to model.
Here is a REALLY basic render, but the lighting is final.
Therea also a lot more modeling to be done, and a bit more texturing.

I’m guessing you tried that grass tutorial on blendernation? Well that’s good, but keep it on a separate layer, so blender doesn’t get sluggish, if you have it on another layer great! Now I am guessing it is going to be a in the country type of building, so the better colors to fit in would be a dark blue or red, or just the whole thing be unpainted wood. I see you started to place a pine texture on there, but to be honest, it looks slapped on.
I really don’t think it is natural seeing just those long pieces of wood, it would be better to break them into smaller, more natural pieces. The roofs either have to be made of some metal or they have to be thicker. I know you are just getting started with this model, and if you already made these plans, well I have nothing to say. Of course a bit more texturing is a bit of an understatement as of now. Well I also can’t really judge it as it was inspired off of somewhere you went so I didn’t experience that place, so if you think these suggestions are straying from your goal, don’t listen to them. I hope this becomes a fantastic piece of architecture

its only one renderlayer, but the grass and building are on seperate blender layers with seperate lighting.
Here it is:

Is there a good way to get realistic looking wooden planks in blender?

I really like some help here

Well to get realistic wood you just have to get the right textures and material settings, plus just the right lighting. First of all just look at a photo of the wood your trying to recreate. Study the different values of specularity and reflectivity. Then just do your best to immitate those values in Blender. For the texturing part, you can either use a photo, which you should then use to create normal maps, etc.