First Attempt at Animation [Feedback Needed]

Hi there, I am starting an master degree in multimedia, and I would like to get some feedback from you guys, you have alot more experience than me, and I want to know more if possible.

I will leave here the link to the video, already hosted at youtube.

I added some video, the purpose is to have somekind of animation :stuck_out_tongue:

Any comments are welcome !
Thanks alot in advance for the forum :wink:

You have some issues mainly to do with spacing, but it’s hard to critique it in this form.
Lose the camera move and credits and add a frame counter and you will get better advice.

YouTube seems to be dropping frames, too. I’ve watched it three times and it’s slightly different each time. You may want to look into a Vimeo account for publishing your works in progress.

Thanks alot for your feedback, I will make some changes, my professor told me some advices about the camera too. If I want to capture the motion, I can’t change alot, like you said freen.
Also didn’t know about that Orinoco, the frames loss .

Thanks alot again, I will post it again, when I have a new version.

Thanks for this space too :wink:

Also I would want to let the ball go a bit further. Having it stop just half way looks a bit unnatural.