First attempt from hand-drawing to 3D

(heli) #1

Here is the drawing i did:

And the resulting head

What do you think?

Has anybody a tip how to make the skin look better?


(BgDM) #2

that’s not too bad for your first job. Mine sucked, beleive me :o .

Anyway, as far as the skin goes, just try using the built in “Cloud” procedural texture and adjust the colour slider for it in the material window. Also, try turning down the “Spec” a little bit. Blender has a habit of making thisngs look plastic like. Just play with the buttons in the material window and see what happens. That’s my only suggestion.


(snailrose) #3

hey…thats cool…
here is a link to good skin textures

hope this helps


(rixtr66) #4

pretty damn good,i must say.


(heli) #5


thanks for the help and comments. I already tried the environment tutorial from BgDM and downloaded the skins from

I need some time to do the texture, because it’s not as much fun as modelling but consumes as much time :frowning:
maybe only for me…

I have done the whole drawing, but the body does need some work (like the clothes and maybe an axe :wink: )


(Bentagon) #6

With what do you design such characters? (I only know how to model with curves and polys) With nurbs or with something else??
plz tell me!

(Eric) #7

the only way to model something like this in blender is to use polygons

(S68) #8

Really good as a first project :slight_smile:

you surely come up with a great full character.


By the way, from a friendly moderator point of wiew, what do you (and many others for that matter) think the Works in Progress forum is there for???