First attempt on modeling a human face/head

Hey all :slight_smile:
Just started learning how to model human faces/heads by the video tutorial adrianna. (which I think is great)
Well, would like to hear if I have any big mistakes within the mesh topology.

Thx for your comments

Michael R

Nope, I can’t see anything wrong with it.
Well done, that’s very good for a first try (a lot better than mine anyway).

:slight_smile: thx for the compliment

Little update

BTW, could you give me any advice how to model the backhead of my model, I don´t get any good archievements :frowning:

finally tried solving the problem myself:

Hey alltogether
another update
Still have to fix quite a bunch of things,
but just give me some comments :slight_smile:


Looking good!
I couldn’t really offer any advice on the back of the head as I can’t do it myself, but I think that the top of the head should probably be a bit higher as the eyes are normally in the middle as opposed to slightly above (see this pic).

nobody here, to give some more crits? :frowning:

There are topology problems at the lips, they are pinched and flat. There are also problems at the temple, crown, and bridge of the nose, in relation to the topology. There are also a couple of edge flow and edge loop problems.
I don’t have time tonight to point out what needs to be corrected (I have to get some sleep).
However, alot of the edge-flow, proportion and edge-loop issues I have discussed on this thread. There is some reading to do there, but it might help you correct some of what is going on with your model.
Hope it helps for now. I’ll look into writing an actual tutorial for these things in the near future.

hmm, well, I read you´re discussion, was quite interessting, but I still donot really what, what exactly I´m making wrong
Greatz Michael

Then read it again. The whole thing. Your “first head” troubles are roughly the same as maskedsow’s, and good advice to you would not only be similar, it could even be cut and paste. Don’t just stop at reading that thread, there are many threads that cover beginner heads, find them, study them, apply the lessons to your work.

For example, on the second page of the maskedsow thread, I posted reference images of a skull, front and side view, with suggested lines for making the back of the skull, with an explanation of how to make the back of the skull, which so many people seem to have difficulty with. Have you tried it yet? Have you got those reference images on your computer and are you using them as background images to shape the skull and position the ear?

Have you taken a look at the suggestions [and complaints] about what images to post to get the best advice? Collages, beauty renders, odd angles (anything other than front and side is odd in this case,) screen shots with irrelevant button windows or panels, images that are 5/6 ths Blender grid and 1/6 th actual model mesh… none of these help us help you.

Well, I did really read both pages, and I have these images on my computer now.
I think I understand everything what you mean, but I cannot spot the mistakes within the mesh.
What you complained about, with the different angles of view and the Blender buttons, in the last pic I just have very small blender buttons, and you can see the mesh from different angles.
I tried to find my biggest mistakes, tried to fix that in the update.
So here are the updates:
-remodeled the eye section
-removed a couple of triangles around the ear
-tried to get more shape in the chin area
Thx for your comments.
Greatz Michael

Good evening from Germany :slight_smile:
I hope now the loops around the mouth are correct:

Looks like I might have to bring my old signature back…
A good screen shot of your model should be from the front and side in Edit Mode, Solid in Orthographic view.
For the most part, when modelling, you should be in orthographic view to maintain proper proportions and scale.
Take a look at this head (found in the link I provided earlier) and compare the mesh (specifically the edge-loops) to the head you have made. The differences in how the edges flow should be pretty obvious. They need to run radially from the ear.
I’m sorry, but I do not have time to go into as much detail with your specific model as I did with Maskedsow’s right now. As Orinico said, the issues you have with your model are almost identical to the ones in that other thread. So, read what people said to Maskedsow and apply it to your model. Look for the problems mentioned in that thread in your own model.
Maybe someone would be kind enough to point out a few things in detail for you. I would but I have to go.
Cheers and keep Blending, you will get help on this, and you will get better if you keep at it!

ok, here we go, fixed some loops.
Hope it´s getting better now, but just give a little comment :slight_smile: