First attempts at modelling in Blender

Well, at least it is a start.

The aim is to create scenes from the 1930’s on GWR branch lines. Locos and rolling stock also await in the wings, but I still feel there is more to do with the texturing. I may have set myself a larger task than I realised…

Helpful advise welcomed!


Fair point. Perhaps white next time.

For first attempts these are quite good.

My advice would be to look at more references to make your models more believable.

Especially the train.
The wheels have no inside rim, the train would derail it is simple sitting on top of the track, you have placed two pieces of suspension that are not attached to anything they are just sitting there, the hook on the front? I have never seen a train with a hook like that.
It is OK to simplify things but the parts you do model should have a purpose and at least theoretically serve for it. Reference is crucial.
The texturing is not bad, the rust and dirt are OK.
Edit Ok the shafts are not too bad I took that back :slight_smile:


Thanks. Useful advice. The use of reference photos has dawned on me - trying to do something freelance is more difficult than I thought!

I think the wheel rims are lost in the poor texturing - but can be improved.
Fair point about the suspension. The brakes suffer from that as well.

I will have another look at the hook - this is 3-link coupling - but probably needs improving. Pre-dates vacuum braking. Just a works loco.

I shall press on…

Sorry I have looked at some old references and you are right there are some trains with this hook, my mistake.

Cheers DN.
I still value your helpful comment though. I am going to rework the loco this evening.

The couplings are to found on all preserved steam locos - the simple chain was known as loose-coupling as persisted for far too long - until British Rail banned all remaining private owner wagons. The speed limit with these simple couplings was never more than 15 miles per hour!

The only real development was to replace the 3-link chain with a ‘screw-coupling’ arrangement which alowed higher speeds - known as close-coupling.

Things have moved on a bit now…

O yes - and a man had to stand on the track between the buffers to couple the train - many awfull accidents were inevitable.


Thanks again.