First beta for davinci resolve 12 is out

Yes, I installed it two days ago. It’s grown so much: multi-cam editing, the new editing features… Awesome product, and quite amazing it is a free download. But for the noise and stereoscopic tools, everything is pretty much available in the free version.

The dual screen mode is excellent, by the way. It makes great use of two screens, and looks very clean. It also makes good use of the GPU while editing, and things run smoothly for me, even when scrubbing the time line fast.

Who needs Premiere now (which is terribly buggy in its latest incarnation)? Bye bye Adobe…

I tried it, and it slowed down my computer(Win8) to near unusable speeds. It was great while it lasted but far too slow. In the end it was a race to get the damned software off my computer.

Well, you need a beefy computer setup to work comfortably with Resolve. Beta 2 is out now, and with improved performance.

Here is a requirements guide (also an interesting read in general about how to build a rig for hd and 4k editing):

Hi Herbert123,

Is there another (brighter) Theme for Davinci?
Or is there somewhere a config file that you can change yourself?

No - actually, version 12 is already a tad brighter compared to the previous version which is mainly black. Resolve is the (or one of the) industry standard color grading tool, and high level colorists are extremely sensitive to their viewing environment. Any lighter, and colorists cannot properly color grade without a lot of effort. Even a bright light source someplace on the screen or their physical environment may distract them.

In short: a brighter theme would be counter-productive for good grading.

Besides, bright themes look horrible without special effort.

Thanks for your answer, Herbert.