First Blender 2.8 and cycles/eevee project

Sculpt need more work. Cleaning up, more details etc.
Just two texture for now. One for skin color and procedural noise to breakup specular a little bit.
I will try post more pics later.
Picture on the right is one of the references I used for sculpting.

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Came here for the cid profile pic, not gonna lie.
Great work! Is this based off of a photogrammetry piece?

Thanks one of my favourite character from ff :wink:
Model was hand sculpted still need more work on secondary forms though

Absolutely fantastic execution then! Will be checking back for updates. :slight_smile:

(Cids theme is so epic!)

Small update.
I cleaned up mesh and topology for further sculpting and texturing. I might change topology later if I decide to animate him.

Some sculpting done. I will probably move to zbrush soon to work on details.

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Another update. Still a lot to do.


Done some test of microdisplace in cycles.
Details done in zb. I will change and/or improve it later.

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Working on displace map.


Looking great!! Bravo!

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Small improvements.

Love this. Great work.

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Eye is looking great, the lashes however need work and are giving it away.

Do you plan to add the fine waterline between eye and bottom lid?


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thanks, agree with lashes. I will try to improve hair particles on the next update i will also work on tearline.