First Blender Kitchen Interior (Cycles)

I started using blender a month ago with a goal to render my (real personal) kitchen layout for a work project. (EDIT: To clarify, I’m trying to show what the kitchen would look like after a hoped for remodel not it’s current cabinets and such.) I have no previous 3D experience so this has been a large learning curve for me. Rather than doing a bunch of tutorials, I jumped into this project and watched items to help me learn what I wanted to do. I got this far and I am feeling a bit stuck. My goal is photo realism, not necessarily artistic beauty. What can I do to make this more real looking? Thanks for any advice.


Hi there.

First off, impressive render, I like the feel it gives off.

However, there are some things that I’d improve if I were doing this project myself.

  • Some of the materials could need some surface imperfections, which are really easy to add.
  • There’s a little too much density within the countertop, you might want to distribute the objects a little more evenly (e.g. move the plant next to the microwave over to the table)
  • The handles for the cabinets are a little too sharp, I’d bevel them or add a subsurf modifier.
  • The cabinets have the same problem as well; you can bevel them as well and give them a custom profile to make them look good.

Hope this helps.

I will give these things a try. I had added bevels to most of the edges, but I realize now I definitely missed the cabinets themselves. I had only done the doors. The table and fridge could definitely use some less perfect finish as well. Thanks!

No problem, glad to help out!

Are your cabinets really that white? I would check your own kitchen and see, because I have a high gloss white cabinet kitchen and what we think of as white is really not stark white.

Also the appliances don’t read as having brushed stainless steel. Was that intentional? If not, try playing with the anisotropy (sp?).

You did great only learning Blender 1 month ago. The reflections could use some refinement and dirt, but be really proud in what you have done.

Thanks to all. On the suggestions, I haven’t had much opportunity to add some of these, but as soon as I do I will try posting the results. I checked a cabinet door and my image looks less white overall than the real door, but I could shift it more off white if that would look better, and I used a brushed steel texture I found on the appliances but I could probably find a better one. I will check.

Again, thanks!

Blender guru does the brushed stainless in this tutorial in case you haven’t seen it already

Finally got an update done on this. I was a bit busy with other projects as of late and my computer is old and slow so its hard to get changes and renders done. I changed the camera angle a little, added small bevels to every edge, used the blender Guru tutorial above for the brushed stainless. Also tried to even out the decor a little. I did compare the overall whiteness to the actual cabinet white from my door sample and it matches pretty close. Some of that may be screen calibration, so I checked against a calibrated printer at work.

All in all I learned a lot on this project so it definitely was a good way to start learning Blender.

Note: I did edit my original post because I had written it poorly the first time. I used the layout of my real kitchen, not the same cabinets and colors. This render is the idea I had for a future remodel and another work project I am doing. My actual kitchen was installed in 1991 or so and needs an update: