First Blender model ever...

Hi guys, well Im a noob in blender so I gave it a try some days ago, I’ve been in contact with this amazing app for almost a year, but ive never get into it that much, well here is an image I made today all with Blender, hope you like it.

C&C´s are most welcome.:o


I really can’t pick at the image - it’s really close to a completed piece with the awesome texturing and such. Have you any other plans for the image ?

Looks cool. Are you going to finish the body or is this just going to be the head?

Well thanks for the comment dude, and maybe im gonna retopo it in Topogun maybe for a better render, Im learning now Blender by myself so it definitly gonna be better, well for the textures and the compositin all of it were made in Photoshop.


First time… yeah whatever. That looks more like something from someone who’s been at it for a while. Great start!

Well, thanks for the good comments, I think this dude is gonna be only the head, for the moment, here is the latest img, Its a ZB render, a little comp in Ps, so C&C´s are most welcome…

BTW i got a noob question here, i dont know how can i ad all the normal and Disp maps from ZB in Blender, i do all the steps but with this dude it seems not to work, anyone can help me here, I really like the overall quality of the rendering engine in blender, so pleeease help here…:smiley: