First Blender Model

Well I’ve been playing with Blender 2.5 Alpha and decided to try modeling a toon funeral director. Thought it was time to get a few critiques and get involved with the forum.
I have almost no idea how to set up lighting in Blender yet and it shows.
Let me know what you think of the model.


Ao i am guessing you had 3d modeling experience.
This model looks great to me. Ok maybe the chin is too long.
Lighting looks fine too.

I’m a Product Engineer and model automotive pistons and tooling for a day job.
I have played with Animation Master for a while but could never get the style I was after. I kept watching the Blender software progress and when it went to Alpha 2.5 I decided to give it a try. I really like the modeling tools. There is still much of the program I have not touched yet.

That looks really good so far. Especially for you first model in blender.

Have you looked at some rigging tutorials yet?

I’ve read some of Tom Mullen’s book “Introduction to Character Animation with Blender” and downloaded the ManCandy model with its rig to help get an idea of what to do. Do you have any tutorial suggestions for rigging?
I still want to tweak a few things in the model and he still needs to have his inner mouth built but then it will be time to figure out that next step.