First Blender project; Fall Garden

My very first Blender scene! I’ve been wanting to use Blender for some time now and this project seemed to be perfect for it. It took some time to get adjusted to all the new workflows and shortcuts but in the end I think the renders came out quite nice.
I used Cycles to render and the Botaniq addon for all the nature elements. Various models from 3D Shaker. All in all a great first exercise.
The project was made for a friend of mine at


Hi and welcome to BA!

You say it’s your first blender project, but I guess you’re not new to 3d in general. What I see is the result which only a seasoned artist could produce. Very nice job. Congrats.
The only thing I would probably change is the colour variance (I would offset it to more uniform nature assets, I guess, not greens and autumn oranges at the same time) and introduce less of the trees and plants, because the house’s shape isn’t clear enough for the eye to observe. The autumn trees are a bit distractive in the first two renders. But that’s only my way of seeing it, it doesn’t mean anything.
Great stuff overall!

Thanks, I do have a lot of experience in 3ds Max and this is the first Blender project for me. I’ve been wanting to work with Blender for a long time.
Thanks for the feedback on the foliage, I’ll take it into account for the next one.

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Thanks Ozgur.

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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That’s awesome. Thanks man.

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