First Blender Project Final

This is my first Blender (and 3d) project. It took me awhile because I’m learning as I go. It is a ruined castle rendered with Blender because I haven’t messed with cycles yet. Texturing and lighting isn’t the best but I’m working on those too. Thanks for any comments and criticism.

I’d say for a first blender project it looks very good! I like the grass a lot.

I would work on the lighting, and the hole in the wall.

very nice, especially for your first project. I would consider turning up the reflectivity value of the castle. It looks a bit dark, imo.

Thanks! I’m struggling with lighting. I’ve watched a few tuts on it and it just hasn’t clicked yet. Ill mess with it some more and the ref values as well.

You have good texturing skills for being a first project. Materials are usually something people struggle with at the beginning so perhaps find more projects where you can continue your good sense of texturing. I wouldn’t worry yourself much about cycles at this point, continue learning about modeling and lighting. Materials and textures are also very different in cycles so you’d have to relearn that. I think what this scene needs is a good sunlamp. Try finding a tutorial for providing realistic sun lighting. Also, learn about a 3 point light setup, it will help a lot.