First Blender work

I’d like to thank everyone, for hel[ping me with my hdi query, that I posted about a week ago.

Firstly, i am not really a noob in 3d. I have been using another 3d app for the past year, so it was only a case of learning the Blenders interface because i was used to the tools and techniques.

This is my first real Blender work. I like a semi retro style to my objects, so i decided to model a semi retro looking mp3 player. It is nearly complete. I just need to model some earphones and tweak a couple of minor details.

Well c&c is wanted. I feel ashamed posting, after looking at other peices of work that people have made in blender.

Looks nice for a first work, nice work on texturing.

you dont have to be ashamed. it looks very good. the only comment i have is that the contact strips at your smart media card can be shinier.

Not bad for your first Blender image :D.

Crits: I think the lighting could be improved - the scene looks just too dark. The retro style looks good to me, but nevertheless the edges look a bit too simple, too hard - giving me the impression of cheap modelling instead of minimalistic design. The Smart Media Card looks just like a plane with a low quality jpeg mapped onto it - I think you should model it, giving it more depth (and of course the shiny contacts) ;).

OK, enough crits - I like your design and I think it will become a good image.

@ kansas & mifine, yeah thanks for your comments

@thoro, thanks for pointing out what is wrong in my model. and yes i shall do what you have suggested to help improve my model.