First Breakfast of the Sergeant Major

#3 of my Ocean Invasion Series.

it looks and good and bad
bad because the fish usually it stays in water !

Haha, this is incredibly creative and unique! I do like it though! Especially good materials!

Great lighting.

I am stunned by your powerful observation skills!

oh, and i like the great picture! :slight_smile:

oops …error …
anyway I think is funny :slight_smile: and I like it anyway …

I really like it but my brain is screaming, ERROR, ERROR!

The idea of fishes in a bird’s nest is very creative indeed and I know that it’s supposed to be a fantasy image but lets face facts, fishes can’t fly (at least not for long) and that is affecting the image negatively. Even a fantasy image can’t defy the world laws so the brain tells us that this is fake.

If you would have added wings to the fishes it wouldn’t stand out so much, that’s about the only crit I can give you for this image.

Very nice work :slight_smile:

I like the fact they actually look like fish and not fish-bird mutants :D. The only thing I don’t like is the slightly unfitting background.

it looks great and you definitely have a very creative mind, but im not sure what message or idea you’re trying to convey? or just an interesting combination of 2 unrelated things?

@NinthJake (and wysiwig),

Well, to be honest, the fact that your brain screams ERROR ERROR means that I’ve accomplished what I wanted :slight_smile: I don’t mean to dismiss your criticism at all. To answer you and @wysiwig, the purpose of this piece as well as the rest of the works in this series (“Ocean Invasion”) isn’t realism or even fantasy - or just two weird things together. The purpose for me was to take ocean creatures and put them in the most absurd, but real land habitats and circumstances that I could imagine. I didn’t want to alter the morphology of the creatures at all, apart from scale in some instances.

I’m a biologist, so i find the fact that these fish are living out of water to be equally absurd as them living in a tree. Gills can’t take oxygen from the air. Plus fish don’t develop in eggs with hard shells.

I wanted people to be like “WTF? That’s absurd. How could a fish catch a grasshopper.”
That immediately makes you try to imagine it, which makes your mental image absurd looking as well. I also didn’t want to make them actually flying. I wanted the viewer to see it and think “they either had to fly or climb” and then imagine them doing both, and then thinking “nope - that wouldn’t work.”

Similarly, in Nectar for the Orcas, it’s obvious that those flippers can’t actually support whale flight. Plus the orcas don’t have the proper mouth/tongue anatomy to actually feed from a petunia.

So yeah - basically this whole series is supposed to be simple absurdity, and hopefully stimulating the viewer to see and imagine everything absurd about it.

Thanks for your criticisms, though. There are certainly a million little things that I would change if I did them over again, and quite a few things that drive me crazy about them. The background in this one is definitely not that great.