First Car Model

It’s got it’s querks, but oh well
Would love some helpful blender hints/comments if anyone has any!


Cool, looks better than my car attempt. Tangent shading and Ray Mirror would help greatly.

i tired tangent out earlier and it just doesn’t work for my model(looks fake)

Can we see wire-frame?

Car modeling is a tricky thing as different car shapes require different polygon layouts. My best advice is to really take your time and be as picky as you can, car shapes are ultra-clean and smooth looking for arodynamics and this has to apply to not only the shape of you model but also your edge looks that go from the front to the back of your car.
Also i’d suggest a better a better light setup, you oculd just use AAO (with pixel cache) to brighten it up, or a soft hemi light (0.2 or soething) to under light the car.

thanks guys, i think i’ll try your lighting ideas for here’s the wire frame