First car project: RX-8

This is my first car project. It is still a WIP but if anyone has any comments I’d appreciate hearing them! The grass was taken from a tutorial I found online.

Known problems:

  1. It is supposed to be an RX-8 but for some reason the schematics I am using do not have detail for the front curves, so it doesn’t really look like a RX-8.
  2. I know there are alot of problems with imperfections in the surfaces and seems between surfaces.
  3. Missing side-view mirror and tire detail, etc.
  4. It is odd how the density of the grass seems to change from the front to the back of the car. I assume this is a result of the perspective (Camera is set 25) but it seems more than you would expect. If you take a wide angle lens with real grass you obviously don’t see this effect.


From the best of my understanding.

  1. The edges don’t connectly smoothly join. Wrong method? Removing doubles incorrectly? Wrong modelling technique, im not sure.
  2. I think get rid of the grass for time being.Don’t worry about it for now. Makes it look like a mirco machine.
    All in all, i think its good. The tyres need work but see what you can come up with.
    Keep going with it man.

Here is a new scene for the car.


Added some more detail.


thats rad, like the BG textures and lighting