First Character "Finished"

Hi guys these three months I’ve been playing around with Blender. It’s the first time that I push one sculpt to the point of retopology, texturing and rigging so I wanted to share it

Having spent some time in it I would like to get some feedback and write my thoughts.

I’ve learnt that I have to think what’s the purpose of the character and at what distance is going to be seen because sometimes I didn’t know if preserving the details or aiming for less polygons. This also caused problems baking the normal maps like in the belt…

Also, when it comes to texturing I thought I would be able to paint metalness roughness and color by hand and achieve a good result but the result was nothing appealing, I suppose it is a matter of practice. I ended up baking the pointiness from the high poly to the low poly.

I have mixed feelings with the final result. I was happy with it until I saw the big picture, having spent that much time I was expecting a better result but I am going to call it finished because I want to model/sculpt other things .

Please feel free to criticize it or give feedback

Thank you in advance!

Two turntables:

Tris: 12000
Original artwork: Guillaume Ospital


Did you model it from nothing or use a background image for the body, how did you start?

Glad you asked! I started sculpting the base mesh with Sycra’s Anatomy Model.

looks great…
you just need to give more attention to 3 parts in character as thy are the most focused part .
head hand and feet
the rest of the body will not be looked at becasue of the clothing
your character base is good. you just need to give attention details to 3 parts i mentioned