First character - first post

Hello All!

Here’s my first post with the Blender community. I’ve been using Blender for a couple of months now and this is my first character I’ve created from scratch not relying on a tutorial. I’ve provided a couple of images one with basic lighting so you can see the full character.

I tried working on rigging him but was having a hell of a hard time… so I’m taking a break with that and looking to improve the character for now. C&C welcome…


Nice. Haha, somthing about him makes me think of candy. And he looks exacly like my shop teacher, lol.

Good start. Try experimenting with some advanced lighting…

Great first Character. Maybe define some shoulders but apart from that, looks like a simple but very good character.

Thanks for the comments and suggestions!

Here’s an update… I thickened up the collar (which I’ll do to the sleeves as well) and worked on the lighting per Nikana’s suggestion.

Anthony: I agree with you about the shoulders, I’ll have to figure that out…


he looks like my old boss, but willing to do more work. I can’t comment on anything technical since you’re probably further up the learning curve than I am, but if I saw him somewhere I’d stop to take a look.

i think he’s funny! … in a good way! i like him. :smiley:

Looks like a cool character as is. If you are planning on animating him, he’ll need eyelids and eyebrows, since they do a lot of the heavy lifting in expressions. Keep the body rigging simple. He’s got no shoulders, don’t put in shoulder bones. You can add upper and lower arm bones parented to the master bone. Same for legs and feet: two bones, tops. Most of your rigging will be in the head. See Calvin’s simple page for some hints about rigging.