first character model

This is my first organic character model, I have not had time to do the hands yet, so she has no hands. :rolleyes: I want a toon, stylized look. please help me improve.
editnew pictures

Decent proportions, not bad work at all. Her torso is a bit square, though, it looks like it was extruded from a box, it probably was, and box-modeling is a well-respected way of making things, but you should do a bit of rounding off.

One other thing, the breasts look a bit… out. It’s kinda weird, they seem to be sticking out a bit much. They’re soft masses, so they’ll be pulled down and around by gravity towards the chest.

thanks for the comment, I will have to work on the areas that you mentioned. I didn’t even notice how square some of it is. I tried new colors and an armature and edited it into my first post.