First Creation Dirk Sword

Hello Group!
After about a month and a few tutorials under my belt, I decided to try my own creation. This by no means is good modelling cause I am not sure what I am doing. But at this point, this is what I can do. I really suprised myself at how this almost has a realistic look. It was done in blender 2.42a. All comments are welcomed. Thanx for viewing my art.



Nice job. I like the camera angle.

Thanks Henry.


Yes, that looks quite good for a first project. The only thing I would suggest would be a more involved or populated background. But still, it looks spectactular for a first one. My first finished image was a cube with different materials on it’s faces. And that took 3-4 months. So you’ve learned a lot since your beginning. Nice job.

looks good, but I think the background is distracting, maybe try a larger checkerboard pattern and light the sword more than the whole scene to make it pop.

can’t really tell from this angle but it may not be sharp enough.
can’t wiat to see an update!

Thanks Guitar87. I agree with the lack of population. I guess I was in a hurry to display something and the checkerboard reflected good.

Thankyou too Phrangkk. I thought the same of the checkerboard after I posted the pic cause I was looking at it and it made my eyes go in different directions while trying to focus on the sword. In any event, I am already excited that I will be changing the background to something other than this boring checker design.

Thanks for the comments guys, this is the encouragement I am looking for.