First creations

(Kerrick) #1

I’ve been a fan of blender for a while now, but I just recently got a computer with a CPU fast enough to handle it. These are some basic renderings I’m kind of proud of (sort of).

(Yes, I know the shadow on the house looks bad)


(paradox) #2

Very nice. I like your toon style. Keep it up would like to more.

(S68) #3


on my part, I liked most the second two renderings :wink:


(Gr8RedShark) #4

I like the first toon rendering, and the second reflection test was just jaw-dropping!!! :slight_smile:

(bgrav) #5

very nice :smiley:

I like all of them!!!

Keep up the good work!

(paradox) #6

Actually I like all four pictures too. Don’t why I mentioned I liked the toon but didn’t say anything about the other too.
Paradox %|