First detailed model... (weapons)

due to the limitless patheticness of my P100 clone computer that lags to a halt at anything over 130k verts… im atempting a rather detailed model of a weapon that i will be using for a humanoid in anime style mech armor… figured id start out wiht the weapon first to see how my computer manages with the detailings and all the polys…

C&C are MOST welcome… as ive currently hit a point of… .blenders block.

This is a totally “energy” based weapon… the 2 points at the top of the weapon are scopes/sensors… the gatling is a rapid fire ion emitter… the pylons above and below are collective emitters for the “main gun”

Another update… got the reactor for the reflex cannon partly done. as well as the cooling unit… now i just need to create the feeder array that supplys the hydrogen cores for the atomic reactions to initiate… then discharge out the back. or the side… still undecided on that.

I like this one… Maybe the sharp front is a bit to sharp. Cut the front end of a bit.

Great design and style.

I agree that the front is too pointy and sharp, unless that is intended to be a stabbing weapon.


Its pretty good. One question - how did you make those curved pipe bends?

add some tubes or pipes coming off of the side…

pointy ends are ment to be there… and though COULD be used as a stabbing weapon… thier TRUE intent is the reflex cannon… anyone thats seen robotech and the SDF-1 knows what it does… for those that dont… theres paticle emiters at both ends… and as the weapon charges its energy… it creats a static field between the two prongs… till the stasis field can no longer contain the building energy… then the prongs direct the released energy foreward… im thinking of redesigning that rear box shape to be some sort of “reactor” to power this weapon… the ammo clip can be what hold the hydrogen cores for dispersion… giving a “feasable believability” to how the weapon gets such power for each main shot of the reflux cannon… it also forces this weapon to have a limited number of shots and causing the gatling to be more believable as the guns main use.

the twisting pipes… VERY easy… get any length of tube… select the end you want curved… and wiht the edit reference selected to “from cursor” as opposed to “median point” or its other option… for sharp angles… i place the cursor at the location of the bottom vertice where i want the inside of the curve to be… then click in the edit menu… “spin” 90 degreez…

theres ways for a more “flowing” pip by causing a mesh to folow a beizer curve… but i havent leanred that yet >.< im stuck using the more simplistic spin,dupe,extrude commands >.<

another update… due to lach of server space… ill not be stacking the images like most people heere do… im deleting the origional image and uploading the new version… so the picture you see in the first post… is always the most up to date one.

main changes…

cut out the box and made it into a cage/frame for the dual powerplants… housing them from being knocked around…

the powerplant for the chain emitter is pretty much finished and in place… still trying to get some ideas for the powerplant for the reflux cannon though… any ideas woul dbe appreciated.

Using spin to twist pipes - thats ingenious. Never thought about that. Thanks. It will definitely make my life easier.

just remember to use remove doubles on the pipe when done to cut back on the vert count