First face after trying to learn topology

In the past, I have attempted to create a face using various approaches but ignoring topology. This time I have practised extruding topologically almost correct flat face mesh based on a photo and then using grab-y have recreated the profile. After some tweaking, I realised that some nose modelling problems that I always had problems with have suddenly disappeared.


nose-first.blend (522 KB)

Very clean! The nostrils may be a bit harsh, but for a WIP I can’t complain! The loops around the mouth are particularly nice, should deform well in animation if you ever take it there.

Got a link to any particularly helpful topology resources? That’s something I’m still struggling with myself!

That’s looks very good!

I’ve just recently gone through a similar stage making my first animated head model.

Have you thought now about adding some shape keys to make the mouth move? And then perhaps a bit of lip-syncing?

I soon realised that when you start trying to move the facial features about is when you find out just how good your topology really is!

This is not blender specific, but those videos show the process of building the correct topology from the simple shape.

This video shows another approach to learning the topology. It uses a ready made face model to draw topology on it. Paying particular attention to poles with 5 and 3 edges as a starting point.

Photos of “average human face” are helpful in getting rid of irrelevant details.

Google for:
images: 3d human face topology

And pick a simple mesh. Practice applying it applying it to the average human face.

I’m only a beginner, so this is the best I could recommend.

I’m a beginner too, so I’ll take what I can get. Thanks for the leads!