first face, update 2 (PLEASE HELP!!)

ive tryed to make heads before and crashed and burned and then eneded up doing it properly for aaaages, but the time came to just do it, im working on a full head, this is what i have so far (the face), any help on where to go form here would be very VERY usfull, any other C&C very welcome.
(is it just me or do the lips look slightly odd??)


Really good job!.My only comment is that the cheeks seem to be a bit pushed inside the scull !

It looks like it has a very slight underbite to me. It also seems too flat somehow, but I’m not sure what gives me this impression. It’s great otherwise, though.

That’s a great face really great detail now u can make anything from that

Roach 8)

ive been plodding along a bit and ive been trying to shape the back of the head, nt very interesting i know but it was fun trying out all the fiffernt ways of doing it, this is where its at now (nt much of a change i know) now im moving on the ears, any tips??


I think it is ready ! :smiley: Good work. Now it needs textures

ok…so the ears didnt look right so i cheated… :expressionless:
anyway, anyone got any C&C and/or tips on hair?


ok…i really REALLY need help with hair, eyebrows head hair stuble anything, what ever i try looks wack, ive been through the fur libary trying differnt combos, tweaking, channging ect but i cant get it! please help anyone some how.