First FPS game

Hey there forum! This is my first Team Project, so for now I just want to see how many people are interested in this. Basically, my idea is to create a multiplayer military game. It’s not an FPS, because you have the option to zoom in/out of your character.

To create a military game where about 30 people are put into teams and fight each other with a giant variety of weapons. Both teams have the means of transportation including: jeep, tank, sub, boat, plane, helicopter, and a parachute. The main objective is to take the other teams flag and return it to your base for money.
Each team has the option to choose from a variety of weapons, including SMG, Automatic rifles, snipers, pistols, mines, explosives, turrets, and knives/swords. As well, each team will be given a couple unique weapons to vary the fight and intensity.
Landscape of the main map is a relatively flat terrain, with trees, rocks and a river. There also is an island, mountains, a waterfall, and more, if necessary.
There will only be 3 map, but each one will be fairly large. One of the main objectives for this game is to have even the slow computers be able to play with great textures.

I know this game is GIANROMOUS, but given a year and a lot of help, I think we can use BGE and create one of the best multiplayer games on these forums :slight_smile:
Any comments, questions, or concerns are appreciated

This is not a full-on project YET, I just want to see everyone’s opinion before beginning.Thanks

ok thanks. that helps, but I can’t leave out multiplayer to do the basic character rigging first, because of other multiplayer features I want to have that I need to take into acount