Hi this is my first attempt at rendering a glass and scenery
all comments are welcome im hoping to be able to do some work with yafray in the near future 8)

thanks Roach

This your first render? Mine was a cube!
To make your images bigger just render it bigger. I would also recommend using to store images instead.

thanks for the link and the comments im gona check out photobucket

Roach 8)

Well ive seen worse, so i guess this isnt that bad. lol j/k :slight_smile:

Its visible, that you got the basics of modeling, texturing and lighting, and the composition looks pretty nice, so good luck and keep up the good work. :wink:

Thanks very much for your comments MassTA
im still breaking down the doors in the world of 3d
hope to get better with more practice


This is probably petty, but there is a thin line that is brighter at the bottom of the back wall that keeps drawing my eye
Is it a picture or a window at the back?
And I was wondering if you modelled the image ( pic or window ) in Blender or used a 2d image, either ways fine I was just wojndering

the image in the window is a 2d image on a flat mesh plane placed way back and i do see the light on the edge of the table the window frame
was just a hollowed out cube it was just a hole in the wall added it at the last minute was my first still life kinda work its gota get better from here
if any one can help me set up my yafray i would be gratefull

Roach 8)

What do you want to know about YafRay? Do you mean how to install it and set up the PATH? Or do you mean the settings in Blender?

All of the above im trying to install it and use it with blender
i installed it and set the path but thats as far as i get it doesent appear
in blender when open it if you can help that would be great
i bought the Blender 2.3 guide but its not that indepth
and i dont want to guess at it any info would be great ive been to the yafray site doesnt cover Blender 2.4 just the old version.

Roach 8)

In Blender, go to scene(F10), and were you see “Blender Internal”, put it as YafRay.

Unless you did that, then I don’t know. Ask a more specific question.

Here’s a pic:

Cool thanks i do recall seeing that and trying to render but all i get was black screen. how long does it take to render in yafray ,also when install it in the read me file its says something about editing line 81? no idea.
also when i tried to render in yafray in my taskmanager said yafray
inactive but im pretty sure my system can handle it. anyways i have no idea of the proper settings to leave it on but ill keep tring
if u have any links to the proper settings for yafray that would be great
thanks again


Take off OSA, set your render size to 640 x 480, take off shadow; the shadows might be making your scene obscure.

In this tab, turn off XML.

It takes a little longer than Blender internal, unless you have ray and shadow on, then YafRay is about the same, then if Blender has Ambient Occlusion on, and YafRay Global Illumination, then YafRay is faster.

You don’t need to edit anything in order for Blender to use YafRay. Blendder looks in the registry for a YafRay key.

What are your specs? Something might be able to render in Blender but not in YafRay.

thats great thanks i took xml off ill try the rest , everything in there is mesh or uvsphere. ill keep trying thanks again i am greatfull for the advice.