first graphic design

like i said first grapic design


these forums suck
no one every comments about anything

#1 problem: You’ve forgotten your target audience. This design is supposed to inspire people to go to this person’s website to have her do photography for them. However, the only bit of photography on the design is obfuscated by cheap (sorry) photoshoppery.

Also, I’d personally recommend removing your name from it. If someone wants your work bad enough, they’ll contact her and ask who did the excellent design work for her.

well first of all she told me to put my name on it and second, first graphic design hints it going to have some not so professional looking work. this is a new thing to me plus ive learned that photoshop is not the program for this its illustrator of freehand

a little sloppy and busy if you ask me… if you are going to make text follow a curve around the girl, why not make it actually fit her profile? and the textures/effects on them scream “photoshop”. try to at least add several effects so it’s not obvious exactly what you did.

-watercolor, brush strokes, or posterize edges = obvious and bad
-overuse of “texturizer” and “burlap” texture = obvious and bad

try combining several layers of pictures with different blending modes, you get something a lot more natural.

also, maybe make several silhouettes, each fading out a little more? none nearly as bright as the front one, either. there’s something weird about that sand-colored drop shadow.

and like someone else said, more photography, less illustrator/ps…

thanks noderanger, I realize that the photoshop effects are abit obvious but I thought the duplicate layers of the girl were cool looking and the the last duplicate is 0% transparent with an outerglow … idk this was a random try at photoshop

Ill post a more photography type of ad

one problem that is not anything to do with your image, myspace!

if anyone really wants to pay for your photoshop skills, they won’t if it is on myspace!

it has so many ads and looks terrible.

i recomend even creating a free website with a small ad and getting it looking nice!

“Most people who are thinking of using an artist to design something check out the artists site!

just a hint;)

well the girl is my girl friend and she didnt pay me :wink: and like i said my first 2d image im not to good at it yet so therefore I have to site or a portfolio but good idea for more experienced people

if your cheapscate:

worth a try!