First Head Model

I’d like to put this in the WIP section but I’ve spent entirely too much time on this so I’m going to have to lay off for now. Maybe someday I’ll animate it. This is my first serious model (not including a few simple bezier logos and simple boxy stuff).

The eyes could use some work and I got real lazy on the ears.

C&C welcome.

Larger version:

Not bad, he looks a it like an elf with them ears. Eyes need a bit of work you might want to try and get the courners of his eyes to fit a bit closer to the eyeball and they might need to be a bit bigger the hair looks alright it needs to be a bit thicker and you can do that by giving him more strands. you can use this hair map if you want, it might be what you need. I’m using it on my own wip.
lips look alright and it’s overall pretty good, a way lot better than some of my firsts.

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