First Head Sculpt (Need help with smoothing problem)

I am new to sculpting in Blender 3D and started to get into it about a week ago. After looking up various videos as references I began working on my own face sculpt using dynamic topology.

This is what I’ve been able to complete so far. But I’ve been experiencing a few problems while sculpting. The biggest one in particular is the smoothing. Whenever I smoothing around the areas that require more details, i get some weird tiny bumps that are difficult to smooth away. I need help with this problem and also other feedback on my overall sculpt and anatomy would be very helpful.


One culprit I normally find that messes up smoothing while using dynotopo is having uneven levels of detail. If there’s no transition, and suddenly you’re going from fairly low poly density, to high poly density, it can create some real issues with smoothing. Try evening things out a bit and see if that helps. If that doesn’t help, try using the scrape or flatten brushes. That might help you out.
As far as the sculpt is coming: just keep studying anatomy and make sure you use tons of reference. I found it helped me if I tried to create a specific person. Tom Hanks for instance. It really helped me zero in on getting my sculpt to look just right.

Hope I was some help to you! Keep up the great work!

I began working on a body sculpt and followed your advice and it helped with those tiny bumps, thank you.

My pleasure!

What did you use as a base mesh?