First Head

Hello. well ive moved onto modelling a head. so far its been… a bumpy trip to say the least, but ive been looking over many tutorials etc and so far mine is coming along… as you can see by the picture below its topology is VERY messy to say the least! im not sure how the holes got there but im working on smoothing it all out and yes, i will attempt ears.

so go easy :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi. It looks like a good beginning head model.

to avoid the kind of bumps you have. for every extrusion or face you make try and ‘sculpt’ or push the vertices so that the follow the contours of your model before you start making cuts. the more work you do when you polycount is low the less you do when its higher and requires more work

right now the quickest method would be to smooth things out is to select a few faces, w-> smooth, than use proportional vertex editing to ‘sculpt’ or push things back into place