First Human ::Big Update::

I just started my first human. I know the anatomy is totally wrong, but I think the back is getting there. Crits please.


Well, as you already realize that alot of the porportions are wrong, I’m not going to go into that. Fix as much as you can that you observe needs fixing and then post what you have.

If you want modelling suggestions/crits, post a wire shot, this helps alot for offerring modelling technique advice (this should be put into the rules-for-posting sticky!).

As for the human-iod (that’s pretty funny, btw) he looks kind of like a cross between a man and Hobbes from the “Calvin and Hobbes” cartoon. :smiley:

Good start, shorten the torso, Happy Blending!

I finally found my reference book, will post when updated. Wires, promised. :smiley:

Here it is. I worked mostly on the hips, and the front of the torso. When I get the back together, I’ll put it up.


It looks like you need to do some serious work on the armpit. That looks very ugly right now. You should also work on cleaning up the mesh, removing tris, etc…