First Interior in Blender + Cycles

Hi, this is my first interior done in blender, I am migrating from MAX and Vray and I am very excited with this new workflow :slight_smile:

High Ress.


Nice and clean, love the lighitng

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BEAUTIFUL!!! Welcome to blender

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Thats an interior?

Tks Bao :slight_smile:

yes, but has a big windows.

Tkk, I’m glad you liked it :grin: :grin:

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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it’s an honor! thank you!

nice work, what did you use for lightning?

Hi KRUChY, used only onde sun light and onde rectangular in the windows. Tks for comment :slight_smile:

very nice, clean result !

Wow beautiful & Welcome to blender !

i like you plant wall, where did it comes from ? MaxTree ?

Those wires on the ceiling wouldn’t pass the wife acceptance factor.


Lovely!!! That plant bottom right corner is really nice. Im not so sure of that blurred woman. Perhaps its her placement. Buts thats personal ofcourse.

Do you also have one with the lights on? I think very soft light would look nice, not uncommon to have lights on during day or outside

WOW your first render in Blender :slight_smile: Mission achieved i say, you got a good foundation coming from that other application and renderer.

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Nice work !
Hope i can do that soon :wink:

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Hi BD3D, is 3dsky

Tks Auume :wink: