First mecha

I became really bored one day, and actually rendered my “doll” of sorts, he is what i use for all those hard poses that I usually hand draw. The first series of pics are the renders, and the second set are the real things.

Eratta i’m aware of:
front toes arent properly scaled, this is to show off the actual toes, and/or make it easier to texture later on.
the grey used is lighter than the black in the pic, demo color only.

This was my first real project, outside of some objects, so what do you guys think. its not textured yet, so much of that detail will be added later.

no comments on this? i know its not complete, but nothing?

Looking pretty good so far. The toes on your model look way longer than the ref pic. Also the calf in the ref is the same width as the knee, so maybe widen the calf. Keep on working at it.