First model: chio-chan

Ok, this is the first complete mesh that I have ever made and it took me a lot time to get it right because I don’t know a lot about making a good mesh.
This is going to be a model of the character Chio-chan from the japanese cartoon Azumanga Daioh.
So, how is it? :smiley:
Is the topology good? (I don’t know a lot about topology)
Are the proportions right?


It’s very hard to see the topology in shots like that, do you have any close-ups (Mainly on the face) on the un-smoothed mesh?

The proportions are looking good so far but the shoulders look a bit off. It’s like she doesn’t have any real shoulder joint.

amend the hair a bit.

nice so far.

Ok, so I tried making the shoulders look better. One of my biggest problems that I have had with this model is the hair. It was hard for me to make it look good. So if anyone could give me tips on how to make the topology of the face and make the hair look better that would be great.:wink:

Edit: I have a question. Is using loop-cut generally better when making a model have more detail or is the knife tool better? I ask this because when I try to do things like make the nose or jaw have a sharper edge I use a loop-cut but on the other side of the head it’s all cluttered from the loop-cuts.

Here is was the hair and the head look like.


This is your first model! No… It can’t be… No, your lying. Get away from me. start having emotional breakdown on floor. No, but really good job.

nice, your so good :smiley:

nice one so far ^^ i can’t wait to see her with shaders :wink: go for it.