First model: sheepworld

I’m going to model my first character and well also my first real model. Perhaps you already know it. It’s the sweet little sheep, called sheepworld :D.

Because I’m new to blender and 3D I’d like to discuss the typology of my model at first. First of all I would like to model the feets + arms and/or legs. I would like to use fur, so I need your tips what topology is needed in blender. I have no experience with hair/fur/feathers/whatever.

I already started with the legs and feet, so I’d like to show you how my topology is and if it is possible to creat fur with it.

By the way my first modeling question. I’m looking for a easy way to inner extrude. As far as I know it’s just possible via extrude->esc->scale. Pretty complicated. Is there a easier way?

you’ve got a heavy subsurf-setting there!

I would start with a more rounded form and use a lesser subsurf-setting :slight_smile:

That way you have more control over the mesh, especially when you are coming to the

Since you’re doing a character that already exists, try to put the image on the background so you can guide the sizes for the diferent parts in proportion.

Good luck :slight_smile:

You mean less subsurf levels? Why? It’s two levels + set smooth - is this to much? With this settings I can see how it’ll look later and still have an overview at all faces while in edit mode. Doesn’t make sense to me? Please explain to me if I’m wrong and/or just don’t understand what you mean…

Yea well about the more rounded form … I guess you’re right I just have to try and error. I don’t have enough experience yet. It’s always my problem connecting small polycount areas with high polycount areas :s.