First Motion Track

I’ve always been into modeling rather than animation and camera tracking but recently trying both out.
This is my first attempt for motion tracking. Any suggestions? :stuck_out_tongue:

Tracking time: 20 minutes.
Render time: 2.30 hours.
Truck modelling time: 3-5 weeks.

I like how the truck model is a transformer. I think maybe you should record the video in a place were you can tell it is in a real place, the walls look like a untextured plane. But as far as the track it’s self I’d say good job!

It’s pretty good but if the footage had more real life objects it would look a lot more realistic + removing the markers + texture the truck and letters, there hardly viable with the grayish background BUT saying that, this is a very good first try, my first try didn’t turn out and I had to bin it lol.

The walls fits the untextured model so good, that i first thought they were 3d too^^ It looks ice. At some point The 3d doesnt fit the footage 100% correct. this could be maybe caused by a unclear lense which blurres some of the markers.

Next you should try it somwhere outside. There you dont need any markers. Housewalls, windows, ect… works perfect. Even when the truck is untextured it would look better in a natural enviroment.

Thanks for your feedback guys, I really appreciate it. :slight_smile:
Yeah, I went out today and got some clips that I can use for my next motion track, so I’ll take your advice and track it in an outside environment. I’ll try and learn how to texture the truck as well because it’s killing me seeing it rather unfinished. :stuck_out_tongue:

If the truck parts are separate objects then you can take those parts and just texture that one spot. Like on the tires if they are separate from the other parts of the truck then you could just take a close up pic of a tire and make that the texture for the tires. That is a good track. I’m with Brian, my first track wasn’t that good.