First Mouth Sculp

Just finished my first mouth.
And I would like to share the result with you.
Any thoughts, suggestions or critics?


Hey, I’m happy to see that you are spending serious time on sculpting and getting input from other artists. Sculpting lips is a difficult process. First thing, if you don’t have references go get some. Google lips and get few different pictures from a bunch of angles. Secondly, “the node” and/or the Superior jowl fat looks from this picture to be missing (That’s why it is hard to figure out where the lips end.)
I think these images can really help you. I think you have depth and a lot of the general shapes there. You just need some structure work. Good luck!

All these pictures are of course by Anatomy For Sculptors - All of the work they do is fantastic.


thanks for your tips, I will take a look on the course