first person control character collision?

So I followed this tutorial
and made the camera work.
The problem is that my “character” can’t go pass narrow alleys. I turned on physics visual and found the collision of the camera is still a perfect sphere though I scaled the Y axis 3 times bigger.
Any way to fix this, or is there a better way to do it like attaching the camera to a cube or what?

Thank you

Did you scale in object mode or edit mode? As far as I remember you need to scale in object mode.

Even then the solution is extremely hacky. Anything you parent to an object with such scale needs to be compensated for with their own scale since they inherit the scale. I gave up on the character physics because I couldn’t get stepsize, the collider shape etc working properly but I know they’ve made improvements to the character physics constantly so if you’re doing the tutorial on a newer or older version of Blender the results may vary. You can also try to contact the tutorial author for feedback and problems.

This site has plenty of material on the FPS genre, be sure to check the templates and examples out.