First Person Shooter Gaming Extravaganza!

Well, I’ve been messing around with all the tasty features of Blender, making characters and stuff. Well, here’s something I haven’t seen yet.

Basically, I am creating a FPS mock-up. The main character is Demon Azut (from the my older Meditation scene). I want to try at least an animation with this. Of course, if I manage to, I’d also like to make a little game.

So, what could I do to make it look more FPS-like?

that weapon is shooting a mesh out. I think in many games, that would just be done as a complicated texture mapped onto a simple (and probably translucent, since it looks like an “energy” weapon, well the TEXTURE would be translucent) mesh.
also needs more of a HUD.
and what are those things attacking? are they wearing metal overalls? :wink:
say, did you know that earlier versions of Blender (2.25) had a REAL game engine built-in? :wink:

Well, actually the weapon is a sort of sword. Shamefully, looking at the scene, I noticed that I totally botched the Env. map. Also, that messed up guy’s just a placeholder, while I model a beast or two.

As for the HUD…I guess it’s time to boot up the ol’ Unreal…

I’m touched up the HUB, making it usable. The windows are health (detailed head), items (the low-poly head is just a placeholder while I think up some items), compass and weapons.

While maybe not so noticeable here, I’ve severely reduced the number of polygons (about a few thousands). I’ve decided to go ahead and make a simple little game, so I need to start economizing.

Later, once I decide what I want to do with this, I’ll change the enviroment to something busier and more interesting.