First Post, Please critique!

(BMD) #1

Here is my first submitted blender product. It sux, i know. Please critique it!

Thanks in advance!

(BMD) #2

Sorry, i didn’t know it wouldn’t work…
copy and paste this link=

Sorry again

(Ecks) #3

You have to begin somewhere…is this one of your first model?

(BMD) #4

it isn’t my first model, but my harddrive crashed on my old computer so most of my work was deleted, and this was something i did just for fun.

(BgDM) #5

that’s not too bad. playing with particles already eh?

try using the halo texture on the material button and add a marble texture to the halo. it will look more like clouds/wind then.


(S68) #6

Not bad…

my suggestionis to lower alpha, decrease hardness, increase size, listen to BgDM and render a bigger image.

Welcome aboard.


(BMD) #7

here is a revised edition=
copy and paste

I added the marble texture and i added a wider, shorter cone at the base. Decreasing the hardness made it look worse, no offense. so I didn’t do that, but the rest should be better

(bg3D) #8

1st off, I stole BgDM’s name, now you steal MINE?!
2nd, Angelfire sucks!
3rd, give your pretty little tornado a scene!!!

(BgDM) #9

1st off, I stole BgDM’s name

Oh, so now you finally admit it!!! :wink:


(BMD) #10

I did not steal your name! there is no 3 or a g in mine. it stands for blender man dan!