First post! Started combining my photography work with 3D environments

I’m no expert, started using Blender about a year ago with the intentions of combining it with my photo work. This is my first composition, it was all done in Blender. I silo’d the model in Photoshop and added the image as a plane in the 3D scene, with an HDRI and some foliage I matched the lighting in the original photograph and shadows. Let me know what you guys think.


Art is art. Blending various mediums to achieve a look and impact. Blender is tool to aid “the blending”.

For me I love the photo subject. shes got that Scarlett Johannsen look and cool lighting on her face. To where she looks “painted”

My only critique is that the lighting of landscape behind her and the water, doesn’t match the lighting on her face. Seems like vegetation should be more lit up. But great mix.

Also regarding using image planes to populate a scene. they’re great for memory saving.

Thank you for the feedback! And def agree with everything you said. The only tricky part of using subjects as planes is getting that camera perspective right without any weird distortions.

Yes using image planes can be finicky. But… I use 'em all the time. Mixing minimal numbers of 3d Vegetation and trees with image planes are good examples. People as well, less frequently. But in crowded “STILL SCENES” with many people, using image planes for background characters greatly aids render times for test renders.

But again, really like the subject’s look. And my wife really likes her dress. great work

The horizon is at eye level, or lens level in the case of a camera. When you took the shot of the model was the camera at her knee height? If not, the height on her body where the camera was should be at the horizon line. Make sure the focal length of the real camera lens is approx the same as for the render too.

The same rules apply to compositing as apply to painting. See if you can find a pdf of one of Andrew Loomis’ books for more on this issue.

Intersting! Camera was not at knee height, def higher than that, probably shoulder height. Will look into Andrew Lomis’ books, thank you! Appreciate the feedback!

The thing that sticks out most to me is what looks like a flat colored strip between the sand and the water right below her knees.

Other than that it’s pretty good.