First post!

(jon-soff) #1

So, what do you think?

Ok, I’ve changed the texture.

Thanks, imgranpaboy.

(blengine) #2

odd, i think the waters great, but the texture on the faucets kind make it look like some parts are inside out or see threw =\

(basse) #3


nice modelling. add some more rust to the faucets… and scratches…


(Da Bourz) #4

nice background !! :wink:

(wewa_juicyb) #5

So, what do you think?

hihihi, that’s a very open question… what I think… only one answer possible, Sex.

I like the picture, very nice, almost looks post-processed. I agree with whoever said that the texture on the faucet is wrong, I think you mapped it wrong, cause the texture seems to be okey, try cubic mapping. The water in the background is great and so is the “floating” water. to sum it all up: good work, keep at it.


(shibbydude) #6

Do you mean to say that all you think about is sex? Hah. Great first post. I like the water but the faucet and the handles need some work before it is a “finished” project. My first post didn’t have two separate areas for finished and WIP but I think my first post was a WIP. Texture on faucet is too uuniform. Also try mapping the faucet texture as “reflection”. Just press the [refl] in the materials menu instead of [orco]. That might help, I don’t know. Nice job though!

(Sonarman) #7

Dude! That’s so cool! I especially like the water texture. And the background. Great job!

Sonarman 8)