First project hit roadblock

G’morning everybody have a simple question. Hope you can help me out with a road block Ive come across. Going through the animation pipeline I have my idea, story, and storyboard started. Out of production I like rigging and animation the most. I know post production comes later on. Question is good idea to buy character models from Turbo Squid etc and import? I think this would enable me to focus more on rigging/animation.Or just learn character modeling for my own specs.? Im by myself so I know it would help me out, but I would have to take a step back. I learned from CG Cookie and BlenderNation the most. Thanks for the Input.

You could also try free programs like Fuse, Make Human etc let you “design” a human character and then export to Blender for rigging/animation. On Turbosquid there is also free models to download, but the free ones are not always well made.

These resources are free:

ManualBastioniLab – an addon for Blender for creating characters.
Blendswap – there are some good characters here. Some are rigged, some not
DeviantArt – lots of free models made in other programs that can be imported into Blender with the proper addons. Be aware of copyrights though.
TheFree3DModels – tons of characters and other models.

These resources are mostly free, but have pay-for elements:

Daz3D – the base program, Daz|Studio is free and some of the base characters are also free, and you can buy things for them like clothing hair, etc. There are literally thousands of free accessories available for the characters. Search the forums here for info on getting these characters into Blender.

Sketchfab – Lots of Blender users. Do a search. Some things are available for download. Again, there may be copyrights involved.

There are dozens of pay sites, like CubeBrush (good prices), so pick your poison.

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Hey guys thanks for the information. Fweeb, I thought I was in suppoort. Hmmm thats how stressed out I am.

My advice is: use pre-rigged models. There are quite a few around. Rewrite your stories to suit what’s available. It’s far too easy to get stuck in modeling/rigging/texturing and never get to the actual animating.

Don’t believe it? Compare the number of modelers vs. animators on any Blender forum.