First project, may I get some feedback?

9/10 Update

Though it has no background or ground texture, it is finished now :smiley:

Another one looks like this

Maximum exposure :stuck_out_tongue:

Which one do you guys like?

Hi guys!

This is my first project with Blender. It is a cabin(maybe?).

Though it is half finished, I would be happy to get some feedback to improve.

The house itself is not bad. Excellent for a first project, actually.

I think the question is, how is it supposed to look when it’s fully finished. It’s not so easy to give feedback when the goal is not clear. For example I could say that the light seems a bit bland and low-contrast but if that’s the mood you’re going for, then it’s perfect :slight_smile: Maybe you need more details in the environment but maybe all you wanted to show is the house.

Thank you for replying :smiley:
I think I actually want to go for the “bland and low-contrast”, but I have trouble finding image as the billboard.
What background usually go with this mood?

Here’s something I whipped up, just some vague hill shapes painted over the background, and some bloom thrown in.

My recommendation (other than adding a background) is to focus on refining the interfaces between the objects in your scene.

Where the gussets meet the stone, where the walls and posts meet the ground. Right now they just slap into eachother, which looks fake. Adding footings for the posts and walls, and protruding stones for the gussets to rest on will help tie the whole thing together. Plants also tend to grow up at these interfaces, since water gets trapped there, so you could add some plants there if you like.

The other improvements are going to require addressing narrative concerns. Who lives here? What do they eat? There is some fire wood, but not very much, but the leaves are changing color which means that a cold winter is coming, so this person is probably going to freeze to death? Stuff like that.

For a first project though? Excellent work! Good on you for jumping in and making something complicated!