First real project - 2010 camaro

I have been on blender off and on and I am still pretty much a beginner but I decided to try and go for a model of my favorite car. Tips would be great. I have one question that I am kinda stuck on. How can I make the little “slit” for like the hood, doors, body pieces, etc…

Here is what I have so far.

Am I missing something that everyone is making Camaros these days?

Anyway, what you’ve got so far looks fairly good. The distribution of vertices along the outer edges seems a bit jittery, but I’d need to see more to make a judgement.

yea i don’t know whats with all the Camaro WIPs. I started work on this before I even seen the 2 or more camaro threads. Anyways thanks. I’ll continue work on it tomorrow.

Maybe cuz it is not hard to make, and also there is the darcscrab tutorial on it. Slits are achieved with edge loops i believe. make 3 and move the the middle one into the car a bit. Experts correct me if i am wrong.

There is going to be a third thread soon:evilgrin:, mine and its my best car yet.

For your car you seem to be making the same mistake I am seeing in most car threads here, way more face than you need. Less is more. Less faces means less work. You won’t need to do an epic amount of tweaking just to get smooth surfaces.

p.s and stay away from that darcscrab tutorial if that is what you are using. It is easily the worst car tutorial I have ever lied my eyes on you will pick a lot of bad modeling methods from that tutorial.

No worries about me following that tutorial. And thanks I’ll try to reduce the faces.
So here is what I got so far now. Haven’t had a lot of time to work on it.
Me still being a beginner I have a question. How can I subdivide a face without it cutting the surrounding faces into triangles? LIke when I subdivide or knife cut it always takes the new vertices and connects them to the surrounding faces vertices. If you need a screen shot ask.

looking good so far, its going to be hard to perfect it when you thing the car is nearly done but i think you can do it
P.S i dont really know how to do the above either :wink:

Loop Cut (Ctrl R) could work in certain situations, I think.

mesh looks good! did you follow Jonathan Williamson’s Porsche tutorial, by any chance? :slight_smile:

edit - hmm, I’ve never modelled a car except in the tutorial…maybe I should :slight_smile: